Why choose x10X Labs?

x10X Labs is a startup incubator and accelerator that aims to do for entrepreneurship what metal foundries did for the Industrial Revolution. While it is universally agreed that we are in the age of entrepreneurship and that the startup culture has finally arrived in India, there is a glaring lack of a support system for those bitten by the startup bug. x10X Labs aims to plug that gap by providing a nurturing ecosystem for startups irrespective of the stage they are in - whether they are just ideas in the metaphysical space, or bootstrapped startups looking for a step up, or funded entities that are looking for a path to take their growth to the next level.

Beneļ¬ts of choosing x10X Labs

Customised consultancy services for startups based on scale

Exclusively dedicated teams to provide need based support

Planning and execution support for startup in the idea phase

Full fledged support ecosystems for bootstrapped startups

Growth focused solutions for pre-established startup ventures

Highly experienced entrepreneurs to provide guidance and support

Key Services We Offer

SEED level Startups

For startups that are at the moment just an idea. The lack of a support ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurs often kills excellent, deployable ideas even before they take their first step. x10X Labs aims to provide that nurturing environment and ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs with no experience or for startups that are stuck at the idea phase and do not know the way forward. Be it funding, space or personnel, our support ecosystem for seed level startups is sure get them out of the idea phase and onto the next step.

SPROUT level Startups

For startups that are in bootstrap mode. Often, startups manage to gain traction, put their ideas on paper, or hire the right people, and yet fail to take off. Sprout level startups might have procured some seed funding, but are perhaps unable to expand due to lack of further funding, or might have failed at bring their product to the market. x10X Labs will provide full fledged ecosystem support, financial backing if required, or marketing support to startups so that they can scale up operations and deploy their products in the market.

SAPLING level Startups

For startups that are experiencing stagnation. Sapling level startups generally have had multiple levels of funding, but are unable to scale up or achieve the kind of growth they are looking for. There can a be a multitude of reasons for established startups to get stuck in a rut from where they are unable to see the way forward. x10X Labs will provide such startups with consultancy from Industry experts or subject matter experts as needed, help establish the reasons for stagnation and deploy a dedicated team of experts to plan the future growth phase.

Our Partners

Our extensive portfolio ranging across several industries has connected us with partners in a wide variety of fields. We have worked with and helped build some of the most exciting start-ups in recent times.