Why x10X for Product Development?

x10X provides product development services ranging from the idea stage right up to the commercialisation and market launch of the product. Our product design and development team is equally adept at creating a new product from scratch, as well as working with pre-existing products that need either minor or major modifications, to even formulating an entirely new class of products based on a fresh understanding of a new clientele. Our chronological four-step process puts products under construction, whatever stage they may be at, through a systematic evaluation and prototyping workflow model that is designed to ensure 10x returns.

Beneļ¬ts of choosing x10X for Product Development

Guidance right from idea generation stage up to commercial launch

Expert opinion on key issues such as concept and design testing

Screening process to evaluate and improve the concept

Business analysis coming from experienced personnel

Thoroughly exhaustive market research to arrive at informed decisions

Pre & post-launch consultancy services to ensure smooth deployment

Key Services We Offer

Front End Innovation

This is the first stage of our product development process where we work with ideas, new technologies and how they can be implemented to improve lives. Our new product strategy experts put the proposed product and the technologies under the scanner, conduct preliminary market research to understand the clientele, the technology, and the limitations of the problem to ascertain if the new product is a viable one.

Product Design

This is the second phase, where we work on the development of the product at both a high-level and detailed-level design of the product. Screening, synthesis of all information collected and product testing are conducted at this stage. Our design team visualizes how the product will look, the impact that the proposed technological advances will have on the problem at hand and how new customers will take to it.

Product Implementation

This is the third phase, where our engineering design and tech teams begin the process of building prototypes and integrating the technologies to be used. The prototypes are then put through a test process to assess if they are valid and meet all design specifications from the earlier stage. Based on in-depth analysis and extensive testing, the concept itself is re-evaluated and any improvements that are possible are added on at this stage.

Product Deployment

This is the final stage of the product development process, where all design changes are implemented and the market launch takes place. Business analysis and market testing is conducted prior to the actual launch of the product as well as any final technologically advanced processes that may be required. This phase includes the steps where production and market launch take place.

Technological Advances

One of the USPs of our product development vertical is the use of emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, IoT, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and many such others. Our investment in such key emerging and developing technologies is driven by the aim of achieving 10X returns and unlocking exponential levels of growth for our clients while also pushing the acceptance and integration of these technologies by traditional businesses.


Our use of developing and emerging technologies has not only helped pioneer product engineering in fields that are yet to become mainstream, but also change the way traditional businesses function. Deploying technologically advanced products has helped us produce innovative products that address longstanding issues faced across industries as well as make exponential growth accessible to both traditional enterprises as well as startups and entrepreneurs.

Our Product Development Services Extend Across Industries

Our Partners

Our extensive portfolio ranging across several industries has connected us with partners in a wide variety of fields. We have worked with and helped build some of the most exciting start-ups in recent times.