Why x10X for Consulting & Advisory?

x10X follows a proprietary workflow model - SHAPE - for each and every client. Irrespective of the scale of the project, or the reach of the client, a logical and systematic workflow like SHAPE ensures that each client is given super customised support based on their needs and requirements. Our unique model removes any chance of error or oversight in the deployment of consultancy services, making doubly sure that each project is carried out to the logical conclusion as per the expectations outlined by the client, in each case.

  • Situation

    Assess the current situation and the problem statement against the business objectives and goals

  • Hypothesis

    Construct a hypothesis and a statement of expectation using data collected to guide and address the problem statement that is still in the formative phase

  • Analysis

    Analyze the data and information to identify and facilitate change in relation to business needs

  • Prognosis

    Arrive at a set recommendations to implement along with the likelihood and expected risk and returns

  • Execution

    Implement the agreed recommendations to drive and deliver superior returns to the organization

Key Services We Offer

Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

Our GRC team excels in providing integrated and domain specific GRC solutions with key focus on Finance and Accounting, IT & IT Service Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Energy Management, Information Security, GDPR, Health Care etc. utilizing multiple industry frameworks. Our partners have experienced vast improvements in process management and turnaround time through better governance measures; on the compliance front, we have enabled multiple startups to achieve ISO certification in their respective fields.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation helps us apply technology to configure software or robots to understand, interpret and respond to already existing applications and situations. RPA has helped in the conduct of transactions, triggering responses or even just communicating in the world of IoT. Extremely labor intensive and large scale businesses that conduct vast amounts of general processes or high volume transactional processes, have benefited enormously through the implementation of RPA and Artificial Intelligence.

Emerging Technologies

The ability to achieve 10x growth is typically dependent on the enthusiasm with which an organisation embraces emerging technologies. Technologies such as IoT, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence are yet to become mainstream and so, being an early bird to these emerging technologies could eventually be the deciding factor in achieving 10x growth. Emerging technologies also have a cascading, converging effect meaning that taking up just one such technology could in itself become a pathway to integrate more technologies in future.

Business Process Re-engineering

BPRE involves executing a radical redesign of the core business processes and workflows of any organisation. This is often a key step towards being able to achieve 10x growth because it can remove existing systems that are holding an organisation back. Rethinking existing workflows and processes also gives an enterprise the freedom to re-evaluate their goals, set higher standards, and expect more out of their business processes. Our BPRE team provides the ability to execute a fundamental rethink of basic processes without losing sight of organisational structure or growth goals.

Our Consulting & Advisory Services Extend Across Industries

Our Partners

Our extensive portfolio ranging across several industries has connected us with partners in a wide variety of fields. We have worked with and helped build some of the most exciting start-ups in recent times.